Willow Hole, Rattlesnake Canyon
     Located in Joshua Tree National Park, there is a wonderful trail leading from the Boy Scout trailhead all the
way to Indian Cove. This trail has a little of everything from scenic views to wonderful riparian areas, you may
even see a bighorn. HOWEVER this is a very challenging trail. The first three and one half are an easy and
rewarding stroll to Willow Hole BUT THEN it gets interesting. After leaving Willow Hole the trail ends and
immediately you jump head first into The Wonderland of Rocks. You will need excellent route finding skills and a
GPS is highly recommended. For the next two and one half miles your feet will only be boulder jumping. It's very
steep and hard work, however the hike is rewarding and for the last mile or so you will be following a beautiful
desert stream. You will need a car shuttle for the beginning and end. I don't want to sound like a wimp but don't
under estimate this hike.  I destroyed my favorite pair of hiking pants following this route. I also hiked it alone and
would never do that again. There are many deep crevasses in the boulders you can fall into and it would be very
difficult for a search party to find you even if they know your route.
Easy walk to Willow Hole, typical Joshua Tree
Approaching Willow Hole
Willow Hole, a beautiful place to visit and listen to the birds.