Star City, Sweetwater Mountains
     Located in the Sweetwater Mountains North of Bridgeport is the location of Star City and many other historical
ruins and mines. This is a beautiful place to explore in the warm summer months while in the Sierra. This is also the
only place that I have ever stuck a truck badly enough that I had to walk out! Around twenty-eight years ago, about an
hour after the bottom two photos where taken, I was pushing my luck on a mining road I should not have tried. To
make a long story short, the bottom fell out from under one side of the truck and we were hung over a several hundred
foot cliff. After hiking several hours back to the Sweetwater Ranch, little begging, and some money, the ranch manager
agreed to come up with his truck and pull us out. Amazingly the truck did not roll off the cliff when he yanked us out of
there. Unfortunately the ranch manager made a wrong turn on the way out and drove off a thirty foot cliff. Remarkably
we got his truck going again however the frame was severely bent and the truck was obviously a total loss.
We had passed this
bulldozer about a mile
from were we got stuck.
Unfortunately he had left
before we reached him.
Yeah that's me a
looooong time ago.
Star City