Ragtown, Stedman,Bagdad Chase Mine
   Located about eight miles south of Ludlow California lies the remains of the Bagdad Chase mine and the town
of Stedman. About halfway between Stedman and Ludlow is the mining camp of Ragtown. In the vicinity of the
Bagdad Chase Mine are remnants of a mill, mines, and a roadbed for the railroad that served the mine. Nothing of
any consequence remains of Ragtown although one can tell where the town was located. Commercial mining took
place between 1904 and 1975. The latter years being an open pit mine. I am including a link to a wonderful web
page by Professor Delmer G. Ross on the
Bagdad Chase Mine and another for the Ludlow and Southern Railroad.
Headframe of one of many mines in the area. Somehow I
lost the picture of the actual Bagdad Chase Mine arrrrrr! I
will post it soon as I revisit the site.
Cemetary just outside Ludlow
Remnants of the mill
Mines, mines, and more
More recent camp
Beautiful night, very cold, wet, windy morning.