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       For some time we had been planning on driving the Mojave Road with my sister Susan. Finally the weekend
arrived and with the Forerunner loaded up we were off! The Mojave Road travels ap
proximately one hundred thirty
miles across a remote section of Mojave Desert begin
ning at Fort Mojave on the Colorado River and ending at Camp
Cady west of Afton Canyon. Along the way are several historical sites including old army forts, historical springs
, and
several areas containing petrogl
yphs. The trail was used heavily by the army and immigrants from around 1859 until
the turn of the century. If you have a four wheel drive and an
urge for some adventure in southern California this trip is
for you!
The beginning, looking East across the Colorado River at
the remains of Fort Mojave.
Heading West on the Mojave Road.
After a while we came across Granite Springs. A beautiful
riperian area loaded with petrogl