Mojave Travelers
       Mines, Rockhounding,ect..
Other cool stuff
Fred Miranda
Some very talented photographers post here. Incredible
Obsession Telescopes
Another obsession of mine. BEST DOBS MADE!
If you ever wanted to know how to build
anything out of anything this is your site.
Model tanks robots etc. that run on real live steam.
                   VERY COOL!
Hundred Peaks Section List
If you hike all these peaks you will be in the best shape
of your life. Great for developing route finding skills to.
One of my favorite sites. Check it out!
Ripleys Ghost Towns
If anyone can say been there done that, they can!
The Pacific Crest Trail Association
A must see website for anyone thinking of
hiking the PCT.
A lot of fun reading the journals of thru hikers.
My favorite thru hiker website.
Riverside telescope makers conference
If you are into telescopes or just want to check out the hobby of astronomy,
this annual event is for you! Its a great place to camp out on a holiday weekend
and look at all the telescopes by day and observe through them at night.
Intrepid Explorers
Hard core explorers on ATV's.
Wonderful photography of some of my favorite areas.
Starbucks Exploring
Ghost Town Explorers
Ghost towns, ghost towns, and more ghost towns!
High Desert Drifters
Very cool site! More exploring.
Very cool software that turns your laptop into a GPS. There maybe GPS mapping handheld
units available now, but none with this capapility. Plot your real time position as you travel on
24 minute USGS maps. Google earth and aeriel photo interface and much more. Has made
finding elusive sites in the back country much easier.
My site would be incomplete without passing
along this resource, be sure to check it out.
History, Information   
History of Mojave Desert Mining
Title speaks for itself.  
Unseen California Adventures
Mines, exploring and just about anything
you can think of to do in California.
Here are some links to fun web sites we