Bennettville Hike
Room with a view
Approaching Bennettville
Someone has really kept this place clean
Approaching Shell Lake
    During a trip to Tuolumne meadows I contracted an acute case of crowd influenza and needed an escape.
This hike was the cure. I was able to hike the round trip from Tioga Junction Campground, past several alpine
lakes, over a pass, and back down Lee Vining Creek about ten to twelve miles without passing a single person.
This is amazing considering this hike is only a mile or two from Yosemite National Park. Approximately half the
hike is on trail the other half cross country. Within the first mile or less you come upon the remains of Bennettville
which consists of two buildings, the assay office, barn bunkhouse, a mine and some machinery. Bennettville was
named after Thomas Bennett Jr. president  of the Great Sierra Silver Mining Company. The town originally had
fourteen buildings and between 1882 and 1884 investors dumped 300,000 dollars into the operation with very
little return. By 1884 it was all over....Now lets take a hike.
Mine in the background